I just set up an interview for Hallmark,then I got a call from TJ Maxx calling to set up an interview!!! Should I go in for both? What if I get one the first one? How to I tell the other I got a job if I set up an interview??


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Absolutely go for both! Don't limit your options.

If you get the first one then just politely thank the other for the opportunity to be interviewed :)

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Chewed Bubblegum
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let's say I get Hallmark, and when I interview for TJ Maxx, they also offer me a job? What should I say? I'd feel like I'm wasting their time
Kristen Storm
Kristen Storm commented
Weigh up your pros and cons. Go with your gut. See which one has a better offer?

If both offer you a job that's GREAT! it's not wasting their time to interview potential employees.

Good Luck though!
Chewed Bubblegum
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ok thanks :D
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That's great chewed! Of course go to both interviews! See who offers you the best pay, benefits, and work environment. Once you decide, you call the other place and speak to the interviewer and politely thank them for the job offer, then nicely decline, tell them you've accepted another position.

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Go to both. They probably are interviewing several people for each job, so they will probably not offer you a job at the interview. Unless you are exactly the person they want. If they offer you the job at the interview do as Angela suggested and ask if you can get back to them the next day with your decision. 

Good Luck

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