What Are The Advantages Of File Based System?


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A typical file-based system or filesystem is an excellent way of categorizing and storing different types of information; a filesystem will store files according to text names that are readable by human beings...not just a computer processor. In a file-based system, there will be options to alter and retrieve data at any time, through the use of computer commands. Every individual file will have it own name and will be called a computer file. Data files, or computer files, will then be placed on an organized system that begins at the top, with a master group of files, and tapers downward to single files. In this way, every file belongs somewhere, and each file can be accessed as part of a larger group.

This efficient system of data organization is created through the use of hardcode programs that latch onto needed information stored in a specific region. While virtual "folders" filled with individual document files are used, data can also be saved in a single-file format (also called a flat-file system). A file-based system is a great way to find documents on a daily basis, and a beneficial method of preserving a collection of important information from myriad sources, departments, and authors.

A file-based computer system can be used with a variety of computer hardware and accessories, including:

• USB sticks
• External Hard Drives
• Main Hard Disks

Adding insertions, deletions, and updates to files is simple and organized when a file-based system is employed. Often, there will be little need for full-time IT staff to monitor and safeguard the database; updates and checks can be performed as needed. However, a certain amount of security concerns may exist with these file-based systems, as they have a tendency to be more prone to being hacked or corrupted.
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Eliminating paper and going towards a digital file system is wise and everybody is
doing it! Going paperless is not just a huge favor to the environment but also
to the business. Easy data accessibility, cost saving, easy search-ability,
security, integrated storage, easy data editing and processing are some of the
major reasons you should adopt a document management system.  But this doesn’t end here. Once the data is
digitalized it can be backed up on cloud and create various opportunities for
the employees to telecommute. Employees can access the required data from
anywhere in the world and eliminate the need to be physically be present at the

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