What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of File System?


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Disadvantages of File Processing Systems include:  1. Program-Data  Dependence. File descriptions are stored within each application  program that accesses a given file.  2. Duplication of Data.  Applications are developed independently in file processing systems  leading to unplanned duplicate files. Duplication is wasteful as it  requires additional storage space and changes in one file must be made  manually in all files. This also results in loss of data integrity. It  is also possible that the same data item may have different names in  different files, or the same name may be used for different data items  in different files.  3. Limited data sharing. Each  application has its own private files with little opportunity to share  data outside their own applications. A requested report may require data  from several incompatible files in separate systems.  4. Lengthy  Development Times. There is little opportunity to leverage previous  development efforts. Each new application requires the developer to  start from scratch by designing new file formats and descriptions    5. Excessive Program Maintenance. The preceding factors create a  heavy program maintenance load.

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