How does social responsibility and staffing affect personnel management?


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Staffing and social responsibility have become major topics when it comes to personnel management or human resources.

The importance of staffing

In order for a business to be profitable and successful, the correct personnel must be assembled, bringing in skill-sets that match the companies requirement.

It is also really important to balance recruitment so that the volume of people joining a company allows the firm to be both productive and cost efficient.

In a nutshell, the role of staffing is to hire, train and make use of a workforce that meets the requirements in terms of size and skill, in order to allow a company to thrive.

The importance of social responsibility

This is a theme that is growing in importance, especially in Europe, but also in the US.

The idea of social responsibility is that a company must be managed in such a way that it has a positive impact on its workforce, their families, and the social and environmental surroundings which the company finds itself in.

Not only is this a "good" approach to take, the theory is that by looking after the people and environment around it, a company can earn the commitment and support of its employees and the local community.

With many companies, this has a direct and positive impact on the operations of the business.

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