How Have Procter And Gamble, General Motors And Indian Oil Exercised Social Responsibility?


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I will begin the answer to your question with information about General Motors, a company with a long-standing record of helping to address social, environmental and safety concerns worldwide. Social responsibility is seen in the form of financial funds, in-kind donations, volunteer employees coupled with their ongoing research, manufacturing features and developments to enhance safety and security in products and services.

Philanthropy has always been a hallmark of General Motors. Corporate response to charities and disaster victims, globally providing financially and in the person of company volunteers on every level. In word and action this corporation keeps alive the belief:GM is a Corporation, which responds to social responsibility.

Indian Oil, India's largest commercial company, listed on the Global 500 listing provides scholarship's for students of merit from all over India. The academic year 2006-07 provided 450 scholarship under their Indian Oil Scholarship Fund. Application submissions are requested on September 1 each and every year.
Awards for 10+/ITI, Engineering, MBBS, and MBA degrees awarded for 2006-2007 amounted to @ Rs. 1000/-per month for two years to 10+/ITI students; Engineering, MBBS students received @ Rs 2000/-per month for four years and MBA students received @ Rs-2000/-per month for two years.

Indian Oil places a great emphasis on Corporate Responsibility through their 10 C's Initiatives program to provide assistance with contributions for: National causes and Natural calamities; Corporate donations and contributions; Community development needs; Scholarships; Cleaner Drinking Water; Health and Medical Care and Preservation of World Heritage Sites such as National Temples and Shrines. The company is considered a people centric company and is well known within India as a company caring for the people.

Proctor and Gamble states their commitment to Social Responsibility through provision of family friendly products and services. Proctor and Gamble is committed to social responsibility on local, regional and global levels. Providing for the economic and social well-being of their employees, shareholders and local communities where they are located. Where there is need PG is present.

The company strives to develop products, which are environmentally safe and materially safe. Quality of life improvements in the present and the future is a goal on paper and in the actions of the PG corporation, its shareholders and employees.

These three companies are not alone in their practice of social responsibility. Were it not for International, regional and local companies with top level officials as caring people, many organizations would be fundless. Many college students would be without the means for a college education.

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