What are the important factors that help in seeking investment from investors by entrepreneurs, start-ups and small medium enterprises?


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tim scott answered

Practically, I believe that innovation and competitiveness are the
key factors that can help entrepreneurs to demonstrate their power of
their business to investors. If you are looking for a business in
sectors such as e-commerce, biotechnology, healthcare and
entertainment, then you are on a right track because some investors
see great potential in these sectors. 

Joel Stockman Profile
Joel Stockman answered

Agreed with Tim these 4 industries have a broad area for
investing your money. In fact I have also read some articles where experts are
also favoring of these types of industries for trading. 

Well, I think if you
search for “traders exclusive websites” in Google search then you may find some
good websites. You may go through some top websites from the list for better
information, Good luck.

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Sunny Bairwa answered

You need proper analysis, read research reports, know their business, financial position, valuations and promoters background. You need to be well updated about them. For news on such listed Indian SME's you can visit

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