What makes a startup attractive to investors?


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Although every investor is different, I think there's a few guidelines it's always worth considering when pitching your startup idea.

1) Be honest and speak from the heart - Nothing beats genuine passion and self-confidence in the boardroom. Investors have plenty of opportunities to offload cash, so you really need to stand out to win their trust.

I like to believe that no showmanship or practiced routine will ever be as good as an honest and genuine approach.

2) Be a Salesman - On the other hand, you still need to show the flair and enthusiasm of a salesman. An investor needs to be fired up and excited about the prospect of entering into a business agreement with you.

3) Know everything about your business - You have to show a clear understanding of the market you operate in, who your competitors are, and how your business strategy will bring in a return on investment. None of these things will be easy tasks to tick off, but they're so vital to winning confidence.

4) Develop and promote your team - If an investor was simply interested in expert advice, he or she would hire a consultant. Investing in your business means investing in the people that make it special. That's why the most successful startups are usually the ones that empower and celebrate their team.

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When they are easily able to communicate and explain their business. Hence having some kind of engaging videos or infographics can be very helpful in this case. 

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