what is the branch address for barclays sort code 20-59-97?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

The sort code 20-59-97 relates to Barclays Bank in Wingrove, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

However, I can not find a branch of Barclays Bank in Wingrove, which makes me think this may be a business address, rather than the address of a publicly accessible Barclays branch.

The full address given for the sort code you requested is:

Barclays Bank PLC


Newcastle U Tyne



LE87 2BB

Maybe if you contact Barclays, they will be able to help further, but I have checked various sources and that's what I get every time. There certainly are branches in Newcastle, but if there is one in Wingrove, it is not showing on the Barclays branch locator.

Perhaps it is a business address, rather than a Barclays branch.

I'm assuming that letters addressed to the address given would get to the correct department though.

I hope I have helped a little, banks can be so confusing at times!

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