Can I Check My Sears Mastercard Balance?


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You can check your Sears MasterCard balance by either calling the toll-free phone service at 1-800-265-3675 or access your account information online at:

Additionally, you can also check how many Sears’s points you have collected by paying with your Sears MasterCard. You earn 1 Sears Club™ Point per $1 everywhere the card is accepted which means you can use it in your country and abroad. However, if you choose to purchase an item with a no-interest finance offer using your Sears® MasterCard®, you will not earn points for that purchase. If you would like points for that purchase, just tell the store associate that you do not want the optional financing plan for that transaction. 1,000 points equal $10 in free rewards at Sears, including travel. 

Sears MasterCard holders also enjoy exclusive benefits, including special sales and competitive finance offers. Sears Club is one of the richest rewards programs in Canada.  When you are ready to redeem your points just call 1-800-901-9978 or redeem online at and you will receive your Sears Reward Card per post which then can be used to purchase merchandise and services at Sears. It may take up to 6 weeks from your request date to receive your Reward Card in the mail though. Points are available for redemption 72 hours from the date they were earned.

A Reward Card can be used until the entire balance on the card has been depleted. Still, you have to bear in mind that points earned are not transferable and points from separate accounts cannot be combined onto one account.  Any authorized users on your Sears® MasterCard® can earn points which go towards your Sears Club™ Points account. If you wish to add authorized user(s) to your account, please call 1-800-901-9978. The card provides Full MasterCard benefits as well, including international acceptance, 24 hour cash access and emergency card replacement with no annual fee.
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Yes you can.On the back of the card there should be an 1 800 number to call for balance and any other inquiry you made have.

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