Do We Need A Licence To Manufacture Incense Sticks?


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The main thing that you need to manufacture incense sticks is a seller’s permit, and you may find that wholesalers which offer the key components and ingredients you would need to make your product are required by law to ask you for your seller’s permit before a transaction can be made. In some ways, this is to ensure that the government is aware that you are setting up a new business, and it can go some way to monitoring the quality of the goods you produce.

Interestingly, although every producer and seller of tangible products is required to have one of these numbers in America (in addition to their federal tax ID number and their SSN,) there are some exceptions, and states such as Arkansas, New Hampshire and Oregon will not expect you to have a seller’s permit. If you’re slightly unsure about what the exact requirements will be, there are specialist websites that can answer the questions you may have. From here, you can get the documentation needed to manufacture incense sticks for the general public.

Other questions you should ask yourself include whether you are going to be recruiting staff to help with your incense production in the next month. In addition, if you have premises such as a warehouse or an office, this can be another indicator that you need to make yourself known to the authorities. This shouldn’t be a daunting experience for you, especially as government policy is encouraging entrepreneurialism and initiative to help the country get out of the economic slump and spiralling debt currently being endured by all of us.
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You would need a license to manufacture incense sticks. It is probably required by the state you are going to manufacturing in.
If you are going to manufacture and sell them, you will also need to get a seller's permit. A seller's permit is needed so that way you can purchase items(materials) at wholesale prices and then turn around and resale them. You should go to www.Tax-ID-Number.INFO for more information about getting a sellers permit. It really helped me out when I wasn't sure of the exact licenses and permits I needed. And as a big plus, they have LIVE people that you can talk to! Check it out!

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