How Do They Manufacture Karborised Match Sticks ?


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A match is a tiny stick of wood of cardboard with a hardened mix of flammable chemicals put on one end. When the end is rubbed then it creates friction and generates enough amount of heat to produce a small flame. The mixture of flammable mixtures contains ammonium phosphate and hot paraffin wax. It also contains antimony tri sulphide, potassium chlorate, sulphur, crushed glass, static fillers, and animal glue.

They are manufactured in big factories that are set up especially for this purpose. It is not easy to manufacture them in or homes though there might be some procedure to do it in a crude manner. But it is a very complex procedure and uses a lot of chemicals which can have adverse effects if not used properly. Thus the best way is to get ready-made matchsticks from the market. If you are an entrepreneur who is thinking of investing in the manufacture of matchsticks then it is best to seek professional help rather than do anything o your own and create problems such as fire and other accidents.

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