Can you explain the impact of the external environment on customer service? Please give appropriate examples


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The best example I can think of the external environment impacting on customer service is in the service industry.

The atmosphere, ambiance, branding and every customer-facing aspect of the business gives a customer an idea of what kind of service to expect.

So too does the price point at which a business enters the market.

For example, compare the external environment of a very expensive restaurant to a local taverna.

While both may be perfectly enjoyable locations in which to unwind, the visual and environmental cues trigger expectations of a different kind of service.

Interestingly, it doesn't necessarily mean that customers expect to be treated better.

For example, a customer dining in a fine dine environment is less likely to kick up a scene over displeasure over the customer service as opposed to a more affordable dining experience, where complaints are frequent and more vocal.

On the flipside, a fine dining environment would be expected to go to great lengths to keep customers happy. The same can't always be said of environments that don't have such finesse.

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