Please give one specific example from your past experience as restaurant leader, when you have provided excellent customer service. Describe the situation, what you did, why you did it, and what the result was?


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It sounds like you are being asked to use your previous experience as a restaurant leader to demonstrate how qualified you are for the new position you are applying for.

A good idea to demonstrate this is to think of a time that you were met with an objection or obstruction. For example, if a customer was not satisfied with their food and initiated a complaint. As we know, there are times when customers anger towards a situation can get out hand, and people who are hiring you want to know that you are equipped to deal with this.

If such an experience happened to you in the past, talk about how you spoke to the customer in order to calm them down. What reassuring words did you use to put them back at ease? Discuss any means you used to compensate for the poor service they suffered, and how, in general, this was a good example of customer service on your behalf.

I hope this helps.

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To be honest, I meet more and more unkind restaurant leaders and waiters. I do not work in this sphere. But I like having dinner in new places at least twice a week. But the current situation makes us eat at home. Well, we redesigned our kitchen with the help of this firm. Now I like the cozy home atmosphere.

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