Describe various types of organization. Why do organizations differ from one another?


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Different organizational structures

Generally, when we talk about different "types of organizations", we are referring to the way responsibility for the organization is handled and distributed.

Based on this model, there are several distinct types of organizations:

  • Pre-bureaucratic structures
  • Bureaucratic structures
  • Post-bureaucratic
  • Functional structure
  • Divisional structure
  • Matrix structure

You can also look at organizations in terms of how they operate and trade. 

For example, whether they are public or private, whether the are limited liability, a partnership, or trading openly on the stock market....

I would also say that the kind of organization is also down to how it plans to monetize somewhere down the line.

Some organizations have every intention of trading publically, even before an IPO, and may set the organization structure up with this fact in mind. 

You can also look at organizational culture as a factor that might differentiate organizations too you know!

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