Who is the richest man in Liberia?


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So you want to meet the richest man in Liberia right??

Well, with an unemployment rate of 85%, a country ravaged by civil war, corruption, and heavily reliant on foreign aid and assistance, I would suggest the big earners are few and far between: Perhaps only located in central government.

Life is hard even for those with a job, so the rich list is alarmingly short, and people have no means of improving themselves or their financial situation.

The richest people in Liberia:

If you are looking for a rich man in Liberia, first you must look to a rich WOMAN.

Ellen John Sirleaf is the first female president in all of Africa, and has amassed a net worth of millions.

What is weird is that this isn't published anywhere. There is no reliable source of how much money she has. This is very worrying due to corruption being rife in Liberia.

So we look to her son, Robert Sirleaf, whom the American FBI has taken an interest into for his wealth, a fortune of $2.5billion has been amassed, and now questions are being asked.

So anyway, if you look for the richest man (or woman) in Liberia, you need look to further than the name Sirleaf.

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Isn't it ex footballer George Weah? I thought he was probably one of the richest since he has played for AC MIlan and was one of their star players. And I heard he went to Liberia to open up schools and academies or something..

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