If you won the $640 million lottery, how would you use the money up?


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Jonathan Dyson answered

If I won that amount of money I would first invest most of it into property, you can never go wrong with property.

Then with the rest I would go and travel America for a year going to watch live music. That would be an amazing year. :)

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Dev D.
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Yes. You should and come visit America. I can give you a whole list of recommendations that you can visit in New York.
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Yo Kass answered

There's three things I think I'd do at this point.

Firstly, I'd invest 1/3 of it in "safe investments". The kind of thing that won't make me lots of money all of a sudden, but will continue growing over time. I'd probably opt for bonds, precious metals or real estate I think.

The second third of my money would go towards "riskier investments". I'd love to be involved in a few emerging tech companies, especially startups that have a positive goal - maybe something to do with medical research or revolutionary software.

The third part of my money would go towards enjoying life. I'd start by doing a lot more travelling - really trying to see as much of the world as possible.

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Dev D.
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No. I did try for the $640 million Mega Millions in New York last summer. But I only got the Powerball, so I only got $2, but I didn't bother to get that money.
Yo Kass
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haha yeah I know what you mean. I'm guessing by your profile pic that you're a Steve Jobs fan? Would you invest in Apple if you had won?
Dev D.
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Of course I would. In addition, I am inspired by reading the biography of Steve Jobs. He was a phenomenal person and he made changes to the technology world with his ideas.
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I would probably move to California and buy a nice camera. I would try to make music...like start a band. I would buy a bunch of books, and I would basically just start over in life. 8)

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Sara Platter answered

If I win a lot of money, I will share with charity organizations, because I'm happy person, and I have as much as I need.

But Who of you won money?

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