What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Media?


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Electronic media are like tv radio most of us don't like reading a news paper.but we like watcing a tv because watching with vedios what is going on now?why it is?isn't you feel better
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* Unlimited distribution at little or no cost
* Lower barrier to entry for content creaters compared to traditional media
* More content does not increase costs or does so marginally allowing more in depth information etc.
* Electronic information can mix and match formats.  E.g. You can't buy a traditional book with an embeded video but you can buy a "vook" with uses multiple forms of media

Any many more!
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Define electronic media
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I want to become a filmmaker. So can I join in electronic media?
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Electronic Media Has Sometimes proven very hazardous to the Nation, because of is Lack Of Censorship. It Many times Spreads A Particular Confidential News All Over the World Hence Making the Government`s Plan Unsafe.
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Discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of electronic dart boards when compared to traditional boards.


One of the first advantages of electronic dart boards is scoring. It can be a pain to keep score manually while you're playing a game. Electronic dart board will detect where you hit the board and keep the score appropriately.

Another advantage of electronic dart boards is safety. Traditional bristle boards usually require darts steel tip darts. These darts and very sharp and can be dangerous to have around small children. The darts used with electronic dart boards have plastic tips. They are much safer to have around children.

One of the final advantages of electronic dart boards is that they usually come with many different games built into them. Most come with at least 25 games that you can play with up to 16 different players. This is a great feature to have if you ever get tired of playing traditional darts and want something new to play.


While electronic dart boards have their advantages, they also have their disadvantages. One of the first is portability. You can easily take traditional bristle boards anywhere as long as you have a place to mount it. Electronic dart boards are not as portable. Since they require electricity, you can only use them in areas that are near a power outlet. If you choose to power the board with batteries, you will likely have to change them often.

One of the final disadvantages of electronic dart boards is their cost. Bristle boards are easy to manufacture, so they usually don't cost much. Electronic dart boards are advanced pieces of equipment, so they will naturally be more expensive than bristle boards.

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