Objectives Of Database. What Do You Think?


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A database is the collection, storage and organization of data in a system, which is usually a computer. There are various objectives of database for the organization which uses it, however, these objectives can also vary from organization to organization. Data is an asset for any company or entity and a general objective of a database is to provide security, safety and storage to data. Moreover, database also provides an easy tool to the people to enter the data and it gives a system of organizing data according to the needs of the users. Some other objectives of a database include integrity, sharing, availability and retrieval of data. Database is the main tool which has made data handling easier for us.

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A Database is basically a structured collection of data which is stored in a computer system. This structure is achieved by using a database model.

There are several different objectives of a database. It is used in many applications mainly in every computer software. It is used as a main storage medium when it comes to large multi- user applications. It creates coordination when there are a number of users using a network.

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Database is the collection of the objects of any kind.
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In general it is to keep all data gathered about a particular item/person/event in one place.
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A systematized collection of data that can be assessed immediately and manipulated by a data processing system for a specific purpose.

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