If You Live Paycheck To Paycheck, How Can You Put Any Money Back For Savings Or For An Emergency?


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When grocery shopping use coupons and the money you would have spent , stash it away.  After awhile it adds up.  Start shopping at consignment stores, goodwill and salvation army instead of Walmart.  You'd be surprised what people get rid of.  Pay off any high interest loans first.  A lot of times if you call your credit card company and ask for a lower interest rate they'll give it to you......I've done it in the past and it works.
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Try selling on EBAY. You can go to yard sales and other places to buy things and resale them on ebay to make a few extra dollars. I sell on ebay and make money every day, sometimes over $500. A month just selling things I don't use or need anymore and things I pick up at sales. This is just one of many ways to make extra money and have a little fun doing it in your spare time.
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Make sure that you have a really specific budget that you follow--write it down and check things off as you pay them. I lived paycheck to paycheck for years when my oldest was a baby and I was going to school. And now I have 2 more little ones and am back in school again! It's amazing what you can live without when you have to do without.
The Ebay idea is a great one. I have a couple friends who do that.
Good Luck!
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Right now, I am living paycheck to paycheck, too, and what helps me is saving my change and allowing that to build up in dollars and I put them in a savings account which collects interest monthly

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