How to invest in stock market?


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Before you can invest, you need money. Don't start investing until you have a secure job and six to twelve months of living expenses in a savings account, as an emergency fund, in case you lose your job. Learn how to budget your money and to spend your earnings wisely. Most investors have to be careful not to spend any of their profits, and to keep some aside for future use, and for retirement, as well as emergencies.
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Risk is a very relative term and changes with every individual and situation.

So Invest your money at right place. Select best stock broker companies to have such type of investment. Take proper education before investing your own hard earning money.

Make yourself update all about Bull market and bear market.

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firstly you analysis on Trade stocks on paper before actually trading stocks with real money. Record your stock trades on paper, keeping track of dates of the trades, number of shares, stock prices, profit or loss, including commissions, taxes on dividend, and short or long term capital gains taxes you would have to pay for each trade.

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i would go with the suggestion made by that anonymous guy, i.e have good savings in your account.

Also, if you going to invest in the stock market, have a good broker. They will guide to invest your money safe, i.e in the stock market of BSE, NSE or the NCDEX, whether the derivative market, or the stock market.

I would recommend you to go with Religare Online.

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