What Company Represents Keurig On The Stock Market?


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The company that represents Keurig Inc. (who make and sell coffee makers) is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. The icon that they are represented under is a green horizontal oval, with brown coffee beans representing the O in "Green Mountain". Since Keurig is a subsidiary of Green Mountain, they operate under Green Mountain's logo on the stock market.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR)  stocks are normally reasonable, as their stocks sell for an average of $103.80 per stock. Green Mountain Coffee currently have in circulation 1,719,482 stocks.

GMCR sell the classic kinds of coffee, including standard, decaffeinated, strong, and FairTrade blends. 'Fair Trade' is a way of making sure that farmers get paid the right and fair amount for their coffee. Green Mountain Coffee are also sellers of other coffee and tea brands. These include 'Tully's Coffee', 'Newman's Organics', 'Caribou Coffee', and 'Timothy's'. Some of these brands are sold in K-Cup packaging, which makes for easy coffee preparation. This involves a plastic cup that sits on top of a coffee or tea mug, allowing hot water to be poured into the top. This is drained through a layer of ground coffee beans or tea leaves, removing the mess of loose tea leaves or coffee grains, and giving a pure filtered taste.

Keurig and Green Mountain Coffee work in tandem. Keurig make the coffee machines that Green Mountain design the coffee cartridges for. Green Mountain Coffee have extended their K-Cup range to Hot Cider cups, which use the hot water from the machine to infuse a hot cider beverage. Keurig make coffee machines for many different kinds of situation, with multiple-cup slots for quick-fire coffee making, as well as the single-cup machine for those cups of coffee in the morning before work.

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