What Is Brand Slogans In Design A Logo?


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There is a great difference between the slogans and brand slogan. Many times a slogan is also comprise in the logo. If the slogan shows or appears every time in the logo, and in the same graphic pictures and images also appear then it can be thought as component of the logo. In this situation it is known as brand slogan and sometimes also called a claim, or a tagline, an endline or a strapline in the advertising firm or organization.

The basic purpose of the brand slogan is to help the absolute sameness of the brand combine with the logo. The unlikeness and difference between a slogan and a brand slogan is that brand slogan keeps the same for a long number of time to build up the image of the brand, but different slogans connect to every product or advertising series.

Some states have their logos, for example: Spain, Turkey, Italy.The Islands of Bahamas. Such logos are frequently used by states which have many of tourists

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