What Is The Difference Between Cause And Mission Marketing?


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Nowadays the field of advertising, despite of its growing popularity, is facing an immediate crisis in terms of losing the target audience's trust. This is mainly because of the pollution that has overwhelmed the advertising industry with its unethical practices and the feigned notion of puffery. This, in turn, also contributes towards worsening the reputation of the advertiser (organization) who is incorporating these practices. In order for the company to ameliorate its reputation and prove its position as a responsible citizen, it involves in cause marketing that promotes a good social cause or idea and hence plays a great role in mending its image and regaining the trust amongst her customers.

As for mission marketing, it is a little different from cause marketing in the sense that although the purpose is the same to take up a social cause and play a part in its promotion nevertheless the cause or idea has to be directly related to the core business philosophy and the mission of the organization and is of a longer duration than cause marketing.

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