What Is The Difference Between Market Research And Marketing Research?


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Marketing research- this includes the 4 p's i.e product, price, place & promotion. It covers all the possible measures. It has a systematic investigation.  Market research- this include only place as a factor. It is narrow & only customer oriented. It is the measurement of market demand only.
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Market research is more of information collection that will explain more about the market whilst marketing research is information collection that aids in making marketing decisions.
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Most of the people are always confused about the difference between Marketing research and market research. Generally these terms are used as alternate terms but there is a minor difference in their concepts. Market research is the research which is conducted in a specific market like the research based on analyzing the prices of food items in Food-Market will be a market research. On the other hand, marketing research is the evaluation of the company's marketing process or doing any research which is linked with marketing. Secondly, market research is narrow while marketing research is broad.

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Market Research: Market research refers to research that pertains to, well, markets. I personally view market research to be a broader phrase than marketing research.

Marketing Research: In this approach it

involves research related to marketing. Examples include advertisement testing, product concept testing (e.g. Usability testings), pricing research, channel research, etc.

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This is nothing but just like diff b/w diff b/w sales management n marketing management.

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