How Do Insurance Companies Work Out Insurance Groups For Motorcycles?


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Like their four-wheeled counterparts, motorcycles are arranged by insurance companies in categories based on engine capacity, performance and value.

Unlike cars, however, which have set groups based on industry-wide groups defined by the Association of British Insurers, insurance groups for motorcycles are much less formalised. Broadly speaking, motorcycle insurers operate between 17 to 22 different insurance groupings. Within each of theses groups, though, there is a significant degree of variation between individual companies on certain models of motorcycle.

In general terms then, motorcycle insurance groups usually start at Group 3 and go right up to Group 17. A 125cc machine is normally around Group 3 to 6 while a 250cc bike is around Group 5 to 10. Thereafter it's an upwards spiral that accelerates sharply around 700cc until you hit Group 17 with the likes of a Honda Fireblade or top of the range Ducati.

Because of the diverse nature of motorcycle insurance, it's difficult to arrive at hard and fast rules. Suffice to say the quote you receive for a superbike will make your hair stand on end in comparison to the premium, say, for a 125cc Honda.

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