I Have Lost My Car Insurance Documents And Cannot Remember Who My Insurer Is! How Can I Find Out?


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Everyone has some idea of who they are insured with. But, should you truly not remember anything about who your car insurance provider is then there are a few ways to help you find out this information.

1.  If you pay your car insurance monthly out of a bank account or building society by Direct Debit or Standing Order then information such as reference number and the name of the insurer should be found on any of your statements.  If you haven’t got a statement to hand if you go into your bank or building society and ask then the staff should be able to access your account and give you the information so long as you have two form of ID on you.

2.  If you pay your insurance monthly by cheque then the information may be found on a cheque stub. The cheque number can be found again on a bank statement.  Although you need to have written the insurers name on the cheque stub and not just `car insurance’.  Even if you have as long as you have the cheque stub with the number on it, again, you can take this to your bank or building society and as long as you have two forms of ID with you they should be able to tell you who you wrote and sent the cheque


3.  If you obtained your car insurance through a broker then a visit to them should help provide you with the information you need. They will also be able to provide you with a cover note.

4.  If in the UK visit the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB). You can download a form via their website for a fee or you can email them and they will be able to provide you with your insurers details.

5.  If in the UK ring the DVLA. Again they may be able to give you the name of your insurers details for a small fee, so long as you can provide your driving licence number and answer a few security questions.

6.  There are online document management services that will store your documents. Should you then be in such a predicament and lose or misplace them you can go online and retrieve the information.

7.  If all else fails, when your current policy runs out your insurance provider will send you a renewals policy. This will then give you your insurers details.
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You atleast need to know the name of your broker or agent. Losing documents is always a pain.  I so wish that there were something to deal with these paper issue. I found this interesting community on Facebook "Clip to Click", where they seem to be talking about an innovative way of managing your docs
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cases like this are why you should never throw away your auto insurance bills! Lol

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Check your bank statement and find out this helps you alot.

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Looking for a general insurence company to get home or car insurence you should take into account many things, that at the end will affect the sum of money. Speaking about home insurence, it starts with the location, then about the state of the house, district and so on.

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I had the same problem so checked a bank statement to find out who I pay my insurance to.  I rang them and they were able to tell me who my insurers are.  Didn't cost a penny other than the cost of a few minutes on the phone.
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Hi we have the same problem and having just spoken with MIB (Motor Insurers Bureau) its a very common thing.  If you go the their website (www.mib.org.uk) you can download a form and for £10 they will let you know.  They have told me it cannot be done over the phone and usually takes approx 10 days for you to receive the information in the post.  Good Luck!

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