What Is The Meaning Of Terms Duplicate Purchase Invoice, Provisional Purchase Invoice And Insufficiently Vouched Purchase Invoice For Auditor During Vouching?


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Duplicate purchase invoice.While examining the invoice, if auditor comes across the invoices marked "true copy of invoice" or "duplicate invoice", he should satisfy himself hat they were obtained in respect of only those invoices which have actualloy6 been lost or mislaid to avoids he same being accounted for twice in the books. For acquiring such satisfaction he will have to scrutinize the relevant account of the creditor in the personal ledger and a general security of the invoices lying to the credit of the respective creditor is required to be made.

Provisional purchase invoice
If any invoice is marked "provisional", the auditor should see that the relevant adjustments are made through the final invoices and correct liability is reflected in the book.

Insufficiently vouched purchase invoice
A list should be made of all invoices which are missing, or which are not available or which remain insufficiently vouched for some reason. It should be handed over to the management for setting the objections raised. Quarries should be cleared with the document produced. Any queries which eventually remain unclear should be reported to the management.

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