Is The Chance A Business Owner Will Lose The Time Invested In A Business That Proves To Be Unprofitable?


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Yes, unfortunately. Opening a new business and having success are actually quite rare.Just take a copy of last year's Yellow Page ads, and compare it to this year's. You will find lots of new names, and many of the old names are no longer there. This is normal. Businesses come and go all the time. Running out of funds is the number one reason.Opening any new business is a gamble at best. Anyone can take an idea, invest time and money and never see a dime of profit. The majority of new business efforts end long before their first year because they just can't get it rolling. You cannot usually truly feel it is successful until after your 5th year in business.Unless you are extraordinarily unusual, you will most likely need to have at least a year's funds in savings over and above all your initial investments to be able to make that first year.

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