Give a brief Explanation on how you could use the herzberg's two-Factor theory in the working Environment to motivate employees?


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Herzberg's two factor theory states that there are certain work and hygiene conditions that must be met in order for employees to be satisfied at work.

He states that in order for a person to be happy, they need several things in the workplace to make them content. Some examples of these factors are as follows:

  • Challenging and differing work
When people get fed up of their job, they become lazy and dissatisfied. You are likely to lose them through lack of motivation if their job is monotonous. Varied jobs and differing tasks throughout the day can help people to remain happy in their work.

  • Praise
Employees will quickly lose motivation if they are not praised for good work. Employees that only get attention when they do something bad are likely to leave.
By praising employees with things like bonuses and days off, you can keep them interested, hard working and feeling happy with their job.

  • Responsibility and recognition
Giving employees more power enables them to feel trusted and part of the team. Recognition, something as simple as knowing their name and saying hello, can also play a big part in them feeling wanted as a member of the team.

  • Hygiene factors
There are also hygiene factors, such as workplace cleanliness and fringe benefits, that do not necessarily contribute to motivation or satisfaction as such, but if a workplace is messy and unkempt it does have a negative effect on the workload.

A workplace needs to be kept clean and tidy, and appropriate leeway needs to be given for things like maternity and illness leave, to make employees feel that they are properly cared for in the workplace.

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