Environmental factors affecting health when working with computers?


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Using computers wastes more energy by sound energy, heat energy and light energy. And also it causes problems for the finger tips.

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piercen bell , Affets Badly!!, answered

Pain in the neck, shoulder, or anywhere
from the shoulder to fingers may indicate repetitive stress injury.
When you use your muscles in an awkward position, you may experience
stiffness, pain or swelling in that area. For example, twisting the
wrist to use the mouse or specific typing technique that causes
stretching of fingers or pressure on the wrist can turn really painful.

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More and more people are using computers and inevitably we are seeing people in college who are experiencing health problems, notably affecting the hands and arms. This is usually caused by prolonged use of the keyboard and mouse coupled with unsatisfactory workstation layout and/or poor keyboard or mouse technique.

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