List The Factors That Can Affect The Behavior, Skills, Abilities And Development Of The Individuals With Whom You Are Working?


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There are a number of factors that can affect people in the workplace in a number of ways which include training, morale, management and equipment. Training is one particular factor that is very important in terms of the capability of carrying out your job role. If appropriate training is not given for workers then it could compromise their ability to flourish in their job role. If there is not a formal set of training guidelines then the manager of the company should create some. Also, every colleague should be trained in the same way and explained what the ambitions for the company are so they can all be on the same page which will ultimately make everything run smoothly.

One of the most important factors that affect the performance of workers is morale. If an employee is unhappy then they will not excel in their job role, or even attempt to give their best, therefore it is important that colleagues and managers support and respect each other. This is especially important for workers that deal with customers on a regular basis because it is vital that you deliver good customer service. In addition, the attitude of managers is likely to affect workers' performance because there is nothing worse than going into a shift after your manager has greeted you with a poor attitude. If this happens to you then you may be likely to treat your fellow colleagues with a bad attitude which will set a negative tone for the day.

Having the correct equipment is vital for whichever job you are doing, especially when your job depends on it such as a cashier, construction worker and office worker who needs computer access. If the equipment doesn’t work properly then it can be very frustrating which will ultimately affect the performance and behaviour of the employees. In addition, it is possible that the workers may feel that management doesn’t care about them which will bring down morale.

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