How Do I Become Rich In One Week? Does Anyone Know?


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It's all a lie if you fly with no wings then you'll be rich in 1 week
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To get rich the first important thing that you have to start with is to start saving. Everyone has the urge of taking a very big step in life in order to live with the expectations of the society. But you have to be very careful at such a point in life. Even if you earn a little or more it is best if you save all that money and in years ahead you can afford to spend that same amount of money without nay regrets. Second thing you can try is keep investing in funds or even anything that you feel you are going to gain your returns at. It is very essential that you save money to become rich. So the best thing as I see it is Save and Invest.
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The very sure and reliable answer for that is you rob a bank and don't get caught ha!ha!ha!ha!
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Getting rich in a week is possible by trying to win a lottery in which the grand prize or the jackpot is more than 75 million United States dollars. However, this is a game of luck or chance. It is not known whether the digits that make up the number on your lottery ticket will be the winning digits which will be pulled out of the draw or not.

Even if you do win, you will constantly be bothered by two groups of people who will be interested in acquiring a part of your wealth. These are the officials from the income tax department and some greedy people who will come to your doorstep claiming to be your friends and long-lost relatives.

There are a lot of get-rich-quick schemes, but these are usually launched by tricksters who wish to get rich quickly themselves (by fraudulent means). Most people do not trust these schemes. A lot of game shows on television also offer the contestants attractive cash prizes worth millions.

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