What Are 2 Examples Of Professional Ethics?


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Professional ethics can be applied to a number of fields and professions. A doctor for example who has sworn the Hippocratic oath is bound by professional ethics. So, if a patient asks him or her to breach these ethics then s/he is bound not to do so. An example may be when a patient asks a doctor to help them to commit suicide. A doctor would have to refuse this request, because potentially it is a breach of ethics.
Another example would be if a solicitor were to be told by a client that he was in fact guilty of a charge, when he wished to plead 'Not Guilty'. Professional ethics dictate that the solicitor cannot then represent the client, since the solicitor would be aware of the fact that his/her client is guilty and ethically it would be wrong to present a plea refuting this.
Teachers, dentists, local Government and national Government officers as well as many other professionals all have codes of conduct or professional ethics to abide by.
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1. A Doctor should not wash his hands before awaiting another person.
2. A Doctor should wash his hands before awaiting another person.
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Give an example of bioethics
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1. an advocate shall not advertise about his career.
2. a doctor shall give first aid to all the patients who come to him.

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