Can Back Child Support Be Taken Out Of Unemployment Check?


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I think it depends on your state.. In MI they just take it if you are on record as behind.
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I have been receiving unemployment but this week my check is short is it because of back child support
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Okay, these kids are 25, with 4 kids of her own. The other is 23 with 2 kids of his own, and the 3 kid is in college and we did not find out about him until he was 9 years old. The mother is just a piece of work?

The other thing I, can not figure out is he's was paying for the first 1, when she physically lived in the home and was raised by him and her grandmother.
At any point is the bio-mother ever checked out to see if she is watch she is suppose to do with the child support payment.

In the state of Florida, or there any types of Forum concerning Child Support.

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