I Need My Child's Social Security Number To File My Taxes, (not His Card; Just His Number), Is Their Anyway I Can Get His Number From The Social Security Office Here In Orlando, FL Or Do I Have To Wait The 8-10 Weeks When Or If It Arives In The Mail?


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In 2003 I called SSA and they gave me my childs social over the phone, I was asked a series of questions to verify I was the childs parent. Now that was 2003... But it is always worth a shot
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I need my childs social security number not the card just number to file my taxes how can I get it
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If you have the proper documentation they should be able to give you the number at the SSA office. To receive the replacement card, which you will need or your child will need will be sent during the 8 to 10 week mailing.

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