Waiting For Approval For Social Security Disability. Is There Aid Available To Pay My Child Support, In The State Of Florida, Since I Am Unable To Work?


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Like all states they don't care if you work or not as long as you make the full monthly payments in full!! Don't get behind You will get buried in late fees and end up in JAIL!! Keep all receipts of payment's been there not the jail part. I have 6 months left of payments .I thought I was paid up on my son because I am on sad. And can't work, oops I didn't pay enough state also took my stimulus payment good LUCK.
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Yes dear, there are a number of people who have these issues. Firstly, it is must for you to pay child support.  Social security will express a part of your SSI, or 1/2 of your disability, to your children.  I would suggest you is that you should contact an attorney to apply for the assistance.
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