What Are The Classification Of Entrepreneurship?


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- Scale: How many employees, customers, revenue etc.
- Difficulty in Initiation: Requires permits and regulations, fund raising, new technology, patents.
- Opportunity Cost: What he needs to give up in order to become an entrepreneur. Could they make $200,000 a year anyway if they didn’t start the business?
- Creativity/Originality: Truly created something new in society, or just following the trend.
- Risk Associated: What do you lose if you fail? Similar to scale but more direct on the individual him/herself.
- Past Ventures/Experience: Whether or not this venture is the first one. Also, one who failed once is often greater than one who succeeded once, because anyone could fail, but it is more entrepreneurial for one to fail and not give up
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Entrepreneurs: Who are investing and do new inventions.

Entrepreneurs: Who live in developing countries and copy those who
live in developed countries for their survival.

Entrepreneurs: Who have brought new ideas to the existing established
organizations and gave much succession to the organizations.

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