What Are The Classification Of Finance?


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According to a definition supplied by www.thefreedictionary.com, finance can be described as the "science of the management of money and other assets." Within finance, there are many further meanings and branches. These include:

• Management of money: This will include all aspects of banking such as credit agreements, loans, mortgages and investments.

• Funds: When referring to an individual's or group's monetary affairs including bank accounts and credit agreements- you may refer to their 'finances.' This is simply another term for money.

• To fund: The verb 'to finance' may be used when referring to the funding of a particular project. In other words, it means supplying the funds or monetary backing for something. For example, you could say something like this:
"The project is being financed on behalf of the Government and local business groups."

• Jobs in finance: Some people will say they work in finance. This can cover a wide spectrum of jobs in a number of fields. For instance, it may refer to a job in accounting as an accountant or finance assistant where transactions and other financial agreements are studied in great depth. It may even refer to roles in fundraising where individuals have to find ways of raising money for a particular charitable group or other organization. It may also refer to jobs in payroll where individuals need to follow process to ensure employees are paid.
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