A comparison of entrepreneurship in nigeria with japan?


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First of all, it's vital that you understand what entrepreneurship is. Entrepreneurship can be described as the act of being an entrepreneur - a person who undertakes business ventures, which are usually fraught with risk and economic danger, in order to create a successful product, business or company as a result.

Although entrepreneurship can be risky and dangerous, if you are successful in your venture, the rewards can be astounding. This is shown through the popularity around the world in television shows such as "Dragon's Den", where potential entrepreneurs approach their potential shareholders for a chance to create their own franchise or product.

  • Japan
In Japan, entrepreneurship is not particularly popular. It is not an area of business which is thriving, and a lot of this is due to the Japanese culture. The ideas of shame and dishonor are still majorly important concepts in Japan, and, as the risk of failure in an entrepreneurial venture is high, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur has yet to become popular with the Japanese people.

In addition, the security and stability of setting up your own business or product are questionable at best, and in Japanese culture, especially for me, being a consistent provider for yourself and your family is a major concern.

As a result, Japan has one of the lowest entrepreneurship rates in the developed world, and, despite efforts by the Japanese government to support and promote entrepreneurship, this trend has yet to show signs of change.

  • Nigeria
In Nigeria, on the other hand, many people have no choice other than to become an entrepreneur. The lack of jobs available within companies and franchises means that coming up with your own novel business or product is often essential if you want a stable and healthy income in Nigeria.

Internet cafes are an example of entrepreneurship in Nigeria. However, budding and potentially successful entrepreneurs are hindered due to the economic situation in Nigeria - there is little money which is readily available for entrepreneurs to use in order to fund their business venture.

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