Which Nepal bank accepts alert-pay?


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No Nepalese bank appears to accept alert pay; however, the Nepal Investment Bank, Ltd. Does offer an alert system that lets account holders know when there is any activity in their accounts; this security measure sends SMS and email messages to clients.

When activity in the account is detected, the account holder gets an instant message; this allows them to instantly see whether or not someone else has "hacked" their bank account. Since identity theft is on the rise, this sort of protection can be very useful. Once an account holder detects illegal activity in their account, he or she can contact the bank and take action against the criminal who is responsible - or contact the police.

Online Banking Tips

• Before choosing a bank with online banking services, decide exactly which services are necessary, and which are optional. For example, automatic bill payment systems are very useful - when a person can pay their bills from home (or anywhere with an Internet connection), it is an excellent way to save time and money. Therefore, automatic bill paying is one important service that should be in place. Optional services, such as alert-pay, may be available at some banks - however, these services are a regular part of online banking - therefore, it's important to confirm the presence of this payment system before signing up for an account and beginning to bank online.

• Always consider security factors when deciding on a bank and when doing banking online - for example, look for a reputable bank with a great business reputation - a bank like this will have much better security and more layers of security.

Also, be certain that firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-phishing software is in place to protect privacy while banking. Banking information is often all an identity thief needs to wreak havoc on a victim's life.

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