I Need Testimonials/information And Pricing On One Rexton Gem Hearing Aid. Can You Help?


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I bought two Gem hearing aids from Costco about a week ago.  First time HA user so I have nothing to compare to but they seem to work well.  I like the multiple programs and the remote that allows volume and program changes as well as turning them on/off.  They came with a small carrying case, travel case, hearing aid dryer and spray for cleaning as well as 30 replacement batteries.  I was told that because of the small size that the batteries would last about 3 days (gives off a beep).  My first set of batteries lasted 5 days which wasn't too bad.  I like the small size unit as it is virtually un-noticeable.  The only issue I have had is finding the right domes.  I have been experimenting with different ones and still have an issue in one ear.  I would like to find a local (Atlanta) location that sells replacement domes for the Gem as I'm not sure that Costco has one that will be totally comfortable in that ear.  Overall a very good hearing aid at a great price.

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