What Is The Name Of The Insurance Company With HMLIC/ALIC?


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There are a number of Insurance companies with a name of HMLIC/ALIC. Here is a list of the Insurance Company with HMLIC/ALIC for its corporate name:

Perhaps the best known HMLIC insurance company is Horace Mann Educators Corporation. The company was founded in 1945 in Springfield, Illinois and has evolved to one of the US' largest insurance company. The company is engaged in auto insurance, property insurance, life insurance, disability income insurance, annuities, mutual funds, college saving plans and underwriting business. It has five subsidiaries and this include the Horace Mann Life Insurance Company (HMLIC).

Meanwhile the ALIC insurance companies yielded three widely held insurance companies namely the Allstate Insurance Company. Aetna's subsidiary Aetna Life Insurance Company and the American Life insurance Company Ltd.

Allstate Insurance Company is also known as the Allstate Corporation which have agents and financial representatives all over the United States and Canada. All State Corporation is principally engaged in personal, property and casualty insurance. Its products also expand to life insurance, retirement and investment. This insurance company is also considered as one of the US' largest publicly held personal insurance company. Founded in 1931, the company progresses to be one of Fortune 100 Company.

Another ALIC insurance company is Aetna's subsidiary company named Aetna Life Insurance Company. Aetna is one of the industry leaders in terms of health and medical insurance benefits. It offers innovative products like employee benefits products and consumer-directed health plan and health care products. The company also offers a number of programs and services for employee benefits and information for quality health care. Meanwhile, its subsidiary Aetna Life Insurance Company basically offer life policies for individuals and groups as well as specialized insurance products all over North America. Aetna's ALIC group life contracts exceed 20,000, giving the parent company its 5% share of its premiums.

The American Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Is another ALIC named insurance company. The company's main activities are life, health and accident insurance businesses. Its life insurance is geared to both individual and group policy holders. Additionally, the company is also engaged in investment and management.

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