Alic-ins Life Insurance Was Purchased From Sears Years Ago. Can You Tell Me If It Is Term, Whole Life Or Accident Only?


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It is probably just accident only cover, but it will do no harm to double check if you are unsure what type of policy you have.

Have a look at the small print and Terms & Conditions document you would have been given at the time of opening the life insurance policy. There should be some kind of indication that can tell if you if the policy is Term, Whole Life or Accident Cover.

You should also been in receipt of regular company literature or statements from your policy provider. Scan any letters with a fine tooth and look for any clues about the type of policy you hold. If there is a contact telephone number or an advisor named in the letter in the event you need to get in touch; try to get hold of them. There should also be a policy document number that you may need to quote when making any correspondence.

If you still cannot find any information, the best thing to do is to get in touch with Allicins Life Insurance. If they are unable to help they may direct you to speak to Sears Insurance.

Here are the following contact details you may need when getting in touch with Sears: Fill out an online form giving as much information as possible and someone will get back to you. There is also a contact telephone number if you prefer that approach.
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It's accidental death and dismemberment insurance, originally issued by Allstate through Sears. The phone number that appears on my bill is 800-736-2242. I tried calling the number. The automated voice that answers says welcome to Allstate Insurance administered by the American Health and Life Insurance Company. The first time I was on hold for 90 minutes before I had to hang up. Now when I call, it disconnects me right after I select the menu option to discontinue enrollment. I found a number online for American Health and Life Insurance (800-316-5607), but they're currently closed for the weekend.
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Copy of insurance policy

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I would like to advise you to study life insurance more thoroughly. More information about this you can find, for example, on this site . Most importantly, it does not need to rush into a decision. Good luck.

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I have Alicins accidental insurance.   I cannot find any info on this and do not have any papers.   Cannot find out who to contact about this policy.   Everyone I contact says to call someone else.   Help, who do I contact to get a copy of the policy or to cancel....
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We have been paying SearsCredit for years in the amount of 21.54 for ALICINS  1111995807720. We don't know if this is Life or Accident and can't find a policy. How do I go about getting a duplicate policy and who do I contact.

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