Describe a time that you demonstrated the ability to be an effective team member?


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The best advice for this question is to be honest. Everyone has worked as part of a team to some extent and it is simply a case of making sure the example chosen shows that you enjoy team work and clearly demonstrates that you do not leave everything to the rest of the team.

If you are asked this question for an application form, write down as many examples of team work as you can think of and then consider the job you are applying for and what characteristics will be required. Then use the examples which best show off the traits which meet these requirements.

If this is in preparation for an interview, then come up with some answers which you feel confident with and rehearse them to yourself beforehand. The reason I say honesty is so important, is because interviewers will often ask about what you have written on your application form, and if you have lied you may have forgotten what exactly you said.

In addition to this, in interviews the interviewer will often ask for more information and ask how this will help you in the new position; again this is easier if you haven't lied.

Some examples could include:

•    Participation in a sports club or group; explain how you work as a team to succeed.

•    Problem solving / team building events; explain how the team had to work together to achieve specific results, giving details of your individual input.

•    Projects undertaken in school or university where team work has been a requirement.

•    How team work helped you in your previous job.

When explaining effective team work, make sure you relate it back to how this could help you in the position for which you have applied.

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