Is there an increase in va disability benefits in 2011?


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All of the information about veteran disability allowances for the year 2011 are available online at This site provides all of the details about payments that are available for veterans depending on the percentage of their disability and whether or not they have children. There is also information about how to claim travel expenses for any public transport or other traveling that is paid for in order to pick up the disability benefits.

Military veterans who have obtained a service related disability during their time in the forces may be able to claim up to or over $3,1000 monthly benefits. The benefits are available to veterans who have injuries or diseases that occurred while on active duty or to those whose diseases or injuries were made worse because of time in active military service.

These tax free benefits are also paid to certain veterans who are disabled from VA health care. In order to qualify for VA disability compensation eligibility, a veteran must have a service related disability and must have been discharged under other than dishonorable conditions. The benefits that are paid will range between $123 to over $3,1000 per month. These amounts will depend on the level of disability and the number of dependents the veteran is looking after.

Veterans may be paid additional amounts if they have a very severe disability or loss of limbs, they have a spouse, child(ren) or dependent parents or if they have a very disabled spouse. In order to apply for VA disability compensation, veterans need to fill out the VA Form 21-526, the Veterans Application for Compensation Or Pension. This form should be sent off with dependency records, such as marriage and children's birth certificates, and medical evidence, i.e. Doctor and hospital reports. Applications can also be made online at the VONAPP website (see above).
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Yes, but I have not heard how much we are getting!!! I rcvd an e-mail from a politician or some gov't agency. If I can find it, I will post it.

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