Every year, more money is spent promoting the use of what than any other product?


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Every year, more money is spent promoting the use of electronics than the use of any other products. In today`s digital world, the marketing bonanza that takes place around cell phones, computers, PDAs, computer accessories, MP3 players, televisions, stereos, and other electronics is truly second to none. Of course, no single electronics company pays for all of these ads - instead, they are spread out over a series of companies, such as Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung. The best electronics and computer parts companies will have almost unlimited funds to spend on advertising the products they create, and they will glut the marketplace with billboards, radio ads, television ads, print ads in magazines, online ads, and all manner of other promotions, such as contests, rewards programs for buyers, in-house financing incentives, and other things that make the use of their products more affordable and appealing to consumers.

  • Market research

Market research by these companies is really the key to them finding their target audience and promoting to them through online and offline advertising. In some cases, companies will hire focus groups and other groups who will take surveys, answer questions, and express their opinions about a range of electronics trends and products. These focus groups are a great way for companies to learn how they should advertise, which age group wants their products, and what impact their current inventory and marketing is having.

  • Exploiting a niche

The best electronics marketers find their niche and create ads that feature people from that niche using their products. For example, cell phone ads aimed at a young female audience might feature a young model or actress that women of that age can relate to or identify with. Electronics ads for men might feature masculine interior design, sleek products, and male models that fit the right demographic. Everyone will be targeted differently.

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