Why Is It Necessary To Have Both Federal And State Compensation Plans?


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It is necessary to have both federal and state compensation plans, because some state plans just don't offer the complete compensation that certain Americans need. These types of worker's compensation plans exist on state and federal levels to ensure that no one falls through the cracks and is left without sufficient coverage in the event of an accident of health problems related to workplace conditions or problems.

  • About state benefits

On the state level, programs will vary from region to region; therefore, compensation in one state may be comprehensive...however, in another state, state benefits just won't be enough to help an injured or ill worker to survive after he or she files for worker's compensation benefits. State worker's compensation benefits may also have different stipulations regarding the negotiation process.

  • Federal plans

For some workers, dealing with federal authorities who oversee programs and negotiations may be preferable to undergoing state negotiations in an attempt to get benefits. Not everyone who applies for benefits is accepted, so problems do occur, and people are sometimes turned away. Having two levels of plans ensures that people who are unhappy with the decision-making and negotiation process have somewhere to turn.

  • Research policies

Visiting official state and federal websites is the best way to learn more about federal and state worker's compensation plans and procedures. Since state rules will vary, people should collect facts on their state's policies regarding worker's compensation, and then compare these policies to those available to citizens of America on a national, federal level. Workers who have been injured, or who have fallen ill due to workplace conditions should also consider legal advice as they begin to contemplate their journey through state and/or federal agencies who approve or deny worker's compensation benefits to Americans. Government websites will provide links to applicable programs.
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I'm personally really glad they have these plans in place. My old job was a bit of a high risk environment and there were people who got hurt every so often. This is going to sound silly, but I was a mascot performer at a theme park and it could be a bit dangerous at times. 

Either the costume would cause problems when there was too much strain on one part of the body, or sometimes even the guests would do something to hurt you. These plans helped some of my friends get through those incidents when they happened.

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