Can You Help? I Have Lost My Job No Money ,no Car , Bills To Pay What's The Point In Life , I Would Be Better Dead But Don't Know What To Do Or Make It Quick.


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When times are hard and feel there is no way out, I get on my knees and pray from the heart and truly believe he will send me a answer . Look for help within your community. I have found more help than you may realise it from food pantries and local services. Try social services they may be able to help with utilities. You can see if there are people who may be willing to let you ride with them also. GOOD LUCK and I will pray for you also.  You may find some work thru Temp Services
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I have been there and I know what it is like... There are ways to find help and you just have to search for them and do the best you can. Find any job and talk with the boss about your situation... I know what it is like to bathe in a restaurant bathroom and to be hungry and not have any money and things do get better if you try to find the good in things....
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Don't be afraid to ask for help! Theres always someone out there for everyone in need. Good luck and things will get better

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