How To Make Leaflets?


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The time taken to make a leaflet will depend on how elaborate you would like your leaflet to be. You can simply compose a handwritten leaflet or create a printed one using pictures and other graphics. There are even different software packages available in the market to help you whip up a visually appealing flyer with minimal effort. Or one could simply make use of the word document installed on every computer.

First you need to settle on the paper colour then come up with a short but attention-grabbing headline. If you can afford it, you can add some graphics to make it visually appealing. The main body should be precise with the key portions emphasized. The print should be large enough for a viewer to glance through while getting the gist of what you are trying to say.

Before posting or handing out copies of your leaflet, it would be best to ensure that the town does not have any ordinances against the same.
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I find that MS Publisher is a great software to make different leaflets or flyers, whether for print or to send out via email.  You can email the flier directly from Publisher.  Just remember if saving in a jpg for print to save with a 300 dpi resolution! :)
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Leaflets are also called pamphlets. It is like a booklet, only it will not be called a leaflet if it has been bound together. A leaflet is a single or more sheets of paper which has been printed on one or both sides. A leaflet may consist of more then 5 and less than 48 pages, without a cover; an item longer than that is a book. Leaflets are made at a general publication house or a printing place. You can even make leaflets at home if you have a laser printer and some aesthetic sense.

A leaflet may have information related to almost anything from kitchen appliances, any goods or services, religious messages or even messages of government policies. It can be designed in any way that you please, with or without images. Printed copies are simply distributed at traffic signals, malls etc or can be slipped inside each newspaper.

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