What Is The Meaning Of Delight Needs In Marketing?


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'Delight needs' are simple to understand. Every marketing company needs to ensure that they are meeting the customers' needs and that they are not going to disappoint them. 'Delight needs' are that of the customer and what they are going to be looking for, and any extras which they are going to need to have.

· Meeting the requirements of the customers

Delight needs are in place to make sure the needs of the customer are considered in promoting a product or idea. Every marketing company has to ensure that they are  targeting the right market.

· Pointing out the needs

Within marketing the company has to make the customer think they need to product that they are selling. Sure, not everyone is going to need to have the new iPhone, but the apple company advertises to make the customers think that they will be missing out if they don't buy one, and therefore the marketing is going to be fulfilling the delight needs that the customer has.

This is not a difficult concept to understand as all of the companies around the world need to ensure that they are going to be meeting the delight requirements that the customers have and therefore you are going to have seen the examples before. Once you know what the companies are trying to achieve, you can begin to study the adverts and see what they are trying to say to the customer with regards to why the need to have that product.

No matter what the company may be selling, you can be sure that the delight needs are going to be met and that the company is not going to slack on this.

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